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Original design kit cars Replica Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Fords etc Cars from days gone by. Mainly from 1920's to 1950's Leisure vehicles, 4x4's, Buggies, Fun cars 3 wheel kit cars Cars for the race track but also useable on the road

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For a full A - Z list of kit cars (by model) see below. Click link to go directly to the kit car details page for that model.

Adams Bros - Probe 15
Albar - Buggy
Albar - Jet
Albar - Sonic GT
Ashley Laminates Ltd - 1172
Ashley Laminates Ltd - Sportiva
Avante - Avante
Bohanna Stables Ltd - Nymph
Broadbest Ltd - Centaur
Burlington Motor Company - Arrow
Burlington Motor Company - Berretta
Calvy Motor Company - Mitchel
Carlton - Acer
Carlton - Carrera
Carlton - Commando
Clan Motor Company - Crusader
Corry Car Company - Cultra
Davrian Developments Ltd - Davrian
Domino Cars - Pimlico
DS Ltd - DSL Spyder
Dutton - B-Plus
Dutton - B-Type
Dutton - Beneto
Dutton - Cantera
Dutton - Legerra
Dutton - Melos
Dutton - P1
Dutton - Phaeton
Dutton - Rico Shuttle
Dutton - Sierra
Elva Cars - Courier
Embeesea Kit Cars - Charger
Excalibur Sports Cars - Crusader
Fairthorpe - Atomota
Fairthorpe - Electron Minor
Fairthorpe - TX 1
Falcon Shells Ltd - Competition / Mark II
Falcon Shells Ltd - Mark III Caribbean
Gilbern Sports Cars - GT
Ginetta Cars - G11
Ginetta Cars - G15
GP Buggies - Buggy
GTM Sports Cars - GTM Coupe
Henson Automotive - Hensen M30
Jago Automotive - Jago Jeep
Jago Automotive - Samuri
JC Composites - Wyvern
Jeffrey Racing Cars - J4
Jem Developments Ltd - Mini Jem
John Cowperthwaite (JC) - Midge
John Houghton - Biota
Latham - F2 Super Sports
Lightning sports cars - Lightning GT/TS
Lightspeed Panels - Magenta
Lightspeed Panels - Magenta Tarragon
Marcos Cars - 1800
Marcos Cars - Mantis
Marcos Cars - Mini Marcos
Marlin Cars - Berlinetta
Marlin Cars - Roadster
Martin Plastics Ltd - Martin body
Midas - Bronze
Midas - Gold
Midas - Gold Convertible
Minion - Jackal
Moss Motor Company - Malvern
Moss Motor Company - Mamba
Moss Motor Company - Monaco
Moss Motor Company - Moss Roadster
Nova Sports Cars - Nova
R W Kitcars - Karma
RMB Motors - Gentry
Rochdale Motor Panels - GT
Rochdale Motor Panels - Olympic Phase 1
Rochdale Motor Panels - Olympic Phase 2
Seraph Cars - Seraph
Shirley - Shirley Mk1
Shirley - Shirley Mk2
Spartan Cars - Spartan
Sylva Autokits - Leader
Sylva Autokits - Star
Trident Cars - Venturer
Turner Sports Cars - 950
Turner Sports Cars - 950 Sports
Turner Sports Cars - Turner 803
Universal Power Drives Ltd - Unipower GT
UVA - Fugitive
UVA - Montage M6 GTR

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